Types of Arowana Fish.

Type Arowana fish there are at least 10 types that come from various countries. In general, Arowana fish comes from four regions, namely: Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa and Latin America.

1. Arowana fish from Indonesia

Super Red

Arowana Super Red Fish is an ornamental fish species originating from Indonesia, living in the general waters of the Kapuas river and Danau Sentarum in West Kalimantan Indonesia.  ....................Read more

Factors that influence success in catfish farming.

The need for food is increasingly growing today, this need is increasing in line with the increasing population growth. Humans in his life can not be separated from food, one of which is the human need for animal protein. As we know proteins are useful in the process of growth and as a builder of metabolism in the human body.
Animal protein is one of them can be obtained from fish meat. Catfish is one of the many fish consumption is as a fish that can contribute to humans in meeting the needs of animal protein.

Catfish farming is currently required to increase the production of the number of fish available. In the catfish farm business there are several factors that can affect the success of the catfish farming business such as:.........................Read more

Type of Arowana Fish Feed Based on Arowana size.

Arowana is a type of freshwater fish that is carnivorous (meat eaters).  the type of arowana fish feed is given depending on the size of the fish and the size of the mouth opening.

in feeding make sure the given feed has a smaller size than the mouth opening or gastrointestinal tract of arowana, if the feed is too large it will cause death because the respiratory tract is covered by feed.
................... Read more

Anatomy of Arowana Fish.


Arowana fish has a large and dense head shape. The mouth of the arowana fish leads upward. Canine-type teeth with a number of teeth 15-17 pieces. At the end of the lower jaw there are two soft and medium-sized tentacles.

Body shape

Arowana fish have a flat and elongated body shape with a flat back. long body of adult arowana fish can reach size 40-60 cm............................Read more

Arowana Fish Taxonomy.
Arowana fish is a freshwater fish belonging to the family of Osteoglossidae.

Arwana Taxonomy:

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata
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Game fish fishing
Sea fishing one by one to put in the boat.
games android apps, fishing in the sea, fishing for the types of sea fish to be fished and put into the boat. Collect points by fishing a single seater fish...............Read more and instal


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