Types of Arowana Fish.

Types of Arowana Fish.

Type Arowana fish there are at least 10 types that come from various countries. In general, Arowana fish comes from four regions, namely: Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa and Latin America.

1. Arowana fish from Indonesia

Super Red

Arowana Super Red Fish is an ornamental fish species originating from Indonesia, living in the general waters of the Kapuas river and Danau Sentarum in West Kalimantan Indonesia.

Super Red fish is the most favored fish because it has a beautiful color with its neatly arranged scales.

Super Red consists of several types including: Chilli red, Blood Red, Orange red, Golden red.

Arowana Red Tail Golden (Golden Red)

It is a kind of indigenous arowana fish originating from "Pekan Baru" Riau Indonesia.

Red Tail Golden consists of several basic colors, namely blue base, green base, and gold base.

Golden Red fish has a characteristic golden scales from the scales to the bottom of the fourth or fifth line scales. on the back is blackish.

Arowana Red Banjar

Arowana Red Banjar is a type of silver Arowana scales from the Kapuas River area and Barito, Kalimantan. Indonesia.

This fish has a round head shape, pale orange fin color and yellow or orange tail.

Arowana Green (Golden Pino / Pino / Green Arwana)

Arowana Green is a type of arowana fish originating in Kalimantan and other Asian countries (Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia).

Arowana from Malaysia

Golden Crossback (X Back Golden)

Golden Crossback is one type of fish from arowana golden. This fish is called Golden Crossback because this fish when adult will appear ring along the back of this arowana.

The base color of Golden Cross fish consists of several types, namely blue base, purple base, silver base, and gold base.

Black Golden

Arwana Black Golden fish is one type of fish that belongs to the type of arowana golden. Arowana Black Golden fish comes from Johor, Perak, Trengganu, and bukit merah.

This fish has a gold color wrapped in thick black scales.

3. Arowana coming from Australia

 Arowana fish from Australia is also called Arowana Jardini. Arowana Jardini is also often referred to as Arowana Irian, this fish is often found in the area of ​​the river Merauke, Papua.

This type of fish consists of two types. namely Arowana which has a darker base color and

Arowana which has a brighter base color.

4. Arowana Brazil

Arowana Silver

This fish is a type of ornamental fish originating from Brazil. this arowana has a silver / silver color throughout the body. Arwana silver fish there are many markets and have a cheap price.

Arowana Black

This Arowana fish has the same body shape with Arowana Silver difference there is from the color of his body is gray-black.

Arowana Golden Red Youtube

Arowana Super Red Youtube


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