Type of Arowana Fish Feed Based on Arowana size.

Type of Arowana Fish Feed Based on Arowana size.

Arowana is a type of freshwater fish that is carnivorous (meat eaters).

the type of arowana fish feed is given depending on the size of the fish and the size of the mouth opening.

in feeding make sure the given feed has a smaller size than the mouth opening or gastrointestinal tract of arowana, if the feed is too large it will cause death because the respiratory tract is covered by feed.

Type of Arowana fish feed based on Arowana Size

the size of arowana fish 10 - 15 cm appropriate type of feed given to arowana fish that is frozen worms.

arowana fish size 15 - 20 cm appropriate feed type given for arowana is cricket, fresh shrimp, tadpole (feed given small size, hard part thrown and given in turn)

the size of arowana fish with a length of fish 20 cm above the type of feed given in the form of crickets, freshwater prawns, frogs, centipedes (feed is given according to the size of the mouth opening and hard parts are discarded and feed is given alternately)

the amount of feeding given is adjusted to the arowana's desire to eat, if the feed given to arowana fish is not responded again then the feeding fish stopped.

Arowana fish often do not desire to eat, the cause of this lack of appetite is caused by:

- aquarium conditions that are less suitable with arowana, such as the size of the aquarium is too narrow.

- The quality of the water used is poor quality, smell and turbid

- disease in arowana fish


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