Maintenance of the common snakehead larvae

Maintenance of the common snakehead (Channa striata) larvae.

Common snakehead eggs will hatch into larvae after 2 days, the larvae are kept in the aquarium for up to 15 days.

the number of common snakehead larvae that can be kept in the aquarium is the density is 5 tail / liter of water. but if the larvae are kept excess the larvae can be kept in another aquarium.

In its maintenance the larvae are fed with plankton, namely naupli artemia (newly hatched artemia). feeding is given to common snakehead fish larvae starting at 2 days. Artemia feed is given every 3 days.

Larvae after the age of 5 days given additional feed that is Daphnia, Daphnia is given as much as 3 times a day.

Water used in the maintenance medium of quality common snakehead larvae needs to be maintained then with it make a change of water. activities carried out as much as 3 days or done by looking at the dependence of water conditions in the aquarium.


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