Activity Hatching common snakehead eggs.

Activity Hatching common snakehead eggs.

Common snakehead eggs are hatched on the aquarium, the aquarium used is 60 cm x 40 cm  x 40 cm.

before the aquarium is used to incubate the egg, the aquarium is dried in advance for 2 days. Aquarium dryers are done to eradicate pests especially if they are used for hatching using a fish aquarium that is affected by the disease.

after dried aquarium filled with clean water until the water level in the aquarium of 40 cm. water used for hatching eggs should be water that has been silenced for 2-3 days do not use water directly from the well.

To improve the quality of aquarium water then the water is given salt, the aquarium is given 2 pieces of aerator stone and water heater, water heater is set at 280c. during hatching common snakehead aerator and water heater continue to be turned on.

for the number of eggs to be hatched amounted to 4-6 grains / cm2, or approximately 12,000 grains / aquarium. common snakehead eggs will hatch within 24 hours.


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