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Maintenance of the common snakehead larvae

Maintenance of the common snakehead (Channa striata) larvae.

Common snakehead eggs will hatch into larvae after 2 days, the larvae are kept in the aquarium for up to 15 days.

the number of common snakehead larvae that can be kept in the aquarium is the density is 5 tail / liter of water. but if the larvae are kept excess the larvae can be kept in another aquarium.

In its maintenance the larvae are fed with plankton, namely naupli artemia (newly hatched artemia). feeding is given to common snakehead fish larvae starting at 2 days. Artemia feed is given every 3 days.

Larvae after the age of 5 days given additional feed that is Daphnia, Daphnia is given as much as 3 times a day.

Water used in the maintenance medium of quality common snakehead larvae needs to be maintained then with it make a change of water. activities carried out as much as 3 days or done by looking at the dependence of water conditions in the aquarium.

Activity Hatching common snakehead eggs.

Activity Hatching common snakehead eggs.

Common snakehead eggs are hatched on the aquarium, the aquarium used is 60 cm x 40 cm  x 40 cm.

before the aquarium is used to incubate the egg, the aquarium is dried in advance for 2 days. Aquarium dryers are done to eradicate pests especially if they are used for hatching using a fish aquarium that is affected by the disease.

after dried aquarium filled with clean water until the water level in the aquarium of 40 cm. water used for hatching eggs should be water that has been silenced for 2-3 days do not use water directly from the well.

To improve the quality of aquarium water then the water is given salt, the aquarium is given 2 pieces of aerator stone and water heater, water heater is set at 280c. during hatching common snakehead aerator and water heater continue to be turned on.

for the number of eggs to be hatched amounted to 4-6 grains / cm2, or approximately 12,000 grains / aquarium. common snakehead eggs will hatch within 24 hours.

Spawning common snakehead.

Spawning common snakehead (Channa striata)


Common snakehead spawning process can be done on concrete ponds with size 5 x 3 m, height 1 m. Before the spawning process pond that will be used for spawning sites need to be dried in advance for approximately 3-4 days. This drying is done to eradicate pests. into the spawning pond included water with a depth of 50 cm.

at the time of spawning the water depth is maintained as deep as 50 cm. in the spawning pond is given aquatic plants in the form of "eceng gondok" (Eichhornia crassipes) that cover most of the surface of the spawning pond. After the spawning pond is ready then the input of 30 pairs of mains ready to spawn.

during spawning, spawning ponds should be observed and see if any eggs float on the surface or not. If the spawning pond has eggs that appear on the surface of the water, then the eggs are taken using a smooth Skopnet and common snakehead eggs are inserted into the aquarium for further hatching.

The number…

Type of Arowana Fish Feed Based on Arowana size.

Type of Arowana Fish Feed Based on Arowana size.

Arowana is a type of freshwater fish that is carnivorous (meat eaters).

the type of arowana fish feed is given depending on the size of the fish and the size of the mouth opening.

in feeding make sure the given feed has a smaller size than the mouth opening or gastrointestinal tract of arowana, if the feed is too large it will cause death because the respiratory tract is covered by feed.

Type of Arowana fish feed based on Arowana Size

the size of arowana fish 10 - 15 cm appropriate type of feed given to arowana fish that is frozen worms.

arowana fish size 15 - 20 cm appropriate feed type given for arowana is cricket, fresh shrimp, tadpole (feed given small size, hard part thrown and given in turn)

the size of arowana fish with a length of fish 20 cm above the type of feed given in the form of crickets, freshwater prawns, frogs, centipedes (feed is given according to the size of the mouth opening and hard parts are discarded and feed is…

Characteristics of Fish Catfish (Clarias batrachus) is superior.

Characteristics of Fish Catfish (Clarias batrachus) is superior.

Parent catfish superior to influence the success of catfish farming, if you want to succeed and succeed in the catfish farming business then you should know the characteristics of a qualified parent.

Here are the characteristics of a superior catfish catfish

General characteristics of the superior catfish

In one hatch to be used as a superior catfish, usually only about 0.5 - 1% of the total number of hatching eggs.

In general, the characteristics of the main catfish quality are:

- Has a fat body, and symmetrical.

- Movement fish lively, healthy no defects, no injuries, have a high appetite.

- The body organ is complete catfish, the body is not bent

- Ready to spawn (mature gonads / genitals)

- Has a bright color and shiny body

- For female catfish, when the stomach touched will feel soft and smooth

Special Characteristics of superior catfish

            - The weight of male catfish 700 - 1,000 grams, female catfish 700…

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